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About Brandi and Flair

Flair started as the planned name for a previous family business, but its original name was never changed. That business has since closed and Flair was given to the name of a blog Brandi wrote as a hobby. The name has since adapted and now serves as the business name for all the products that we currently make.

Brandi started making homemade bath and body products many years ago. In fact, as a child she would take old products that belonged to her grandmother and transform them into something new. Granted, those "creations" weren't worth mentioning much less sharing, but that is where the love originated. She initially started making products to use for herself, but after several suggestions from friends and family she decided to share some of her products with others. 

Flair by Brandi believes that bath, body, and beauty products should not only be luxurious and enjoyable, but that they should also be affordable! All of our products are handmade with natural ingredients and we strive to make sure that each and every product is affordable and available to everyone who wants to try them!

If Brandi isn't busy working you can usually find her spending time with her husband and two sons. She enjoys reading (when there is quite time), writing (when she isn't scatter brained), watching re-runs of The Golden Girls (because who doesn't), and quality time with her family. She also has a love for makeup and hopes to eventually branch out and create  a line of her own.

For more details or to keep up with Brandi don't forget to follow her on social media everywhere at flairbybrandi and instagram at flair_by_brandi.


Flair by Brandi uses natural products in our bath and body products! We also use essential oils, fragrance oils, and natural extracts. If you have any type of skin sensitivity we can make your items color free! 

Some of the products we use are : baking soda, corn starch, sea salts, epsom salts, sugars, cream of tartar, clays, charcoals, coconut oil, shea, olive oils, and several other natural and plant based products!