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Earn Free Products!

There are two ways to earn free gifts! Who​ doesn't love free gifts? I know I do! With our new referral program it is as easy as telling your friends about us! With every NEW referred purchase from your friends you earn credit to free gifts! Every $25 purchase (or if it is multiple people when it equals $25) you get a $2 credit to your account! You can use your credit immediately or let it build up! All you need to do is email us with the form below and we will start your account! Just make sure that your friends know to mention your name when they purchase! If you want us to send email notifications each month for your store credit just make sure you click the tab for us to send emails! Don't worry we don't send spam! Only good emails containing your credit and the occasional store sale or promotion!

The second way to earn is when YOU shop! You earn a $2 credit for every $25 you spend! Just let us know you have an account with us and we will add your credits to your account!


This is for NEW referred customer purchases only! You earn credits for their first $25! 

You can refer as many people as you want! For every $25 your friends spend you get credit!

If you refer 2 friends and their total is only $20 you will still have to wait until the additional $5 is spent before you earn your credit.

Your credit does not expire!

There is no limit as to how many credits you can earn! Please let your friends know they MUST put you as the referred party!

If your friend forgets to put the referral as you, they may send a separate email stating you referred them with their last order.

Referral Store Account

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Here is where you sign up to start your free store account! This is where you earn credits to free purchases! Its quick and easy! Just fill out the form to the left!