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Product Information & Directions for Use

Lip Scrub

Our moisturizing lip scrub is filled with goodness! This sugary sweet scrub has a blend of natural oils, petroleum jelly, sweet sugar, and natural flavoring! It will exfoliate chapped or dry lips by removing dead skin cells leaving your lips feeling soft and moisturized!

To Use: Put a small amount on your finger and massage on lips in a circular motion. Rinse with water. You can stop at this step or follow with one of our moisturizing lip balms! Can be used daily as needed.

Lip Balm

Our lip balms are a blended mixture of natural oils, natural flavorings, and soy! We can tint the balms or simply leave them in their natural state and shade. These balms are very moisturizing and will leave lips feeling soft and smooth!

Sugar Scrubs and Foot Scrubs

These delightfully sweet scrubs are packed exfoliating sugar, natural oils, and amazing fragrances. Some of our scrubs even contain other natural exfoliating agents like coffee, sea salts, and pumice! Each scrub is handmade and customized to your preferences!

To Use: Start with a quarter to half dollar size amount. Rub in circular motions to exfoliate skin and remove dead skin cells! Rinse with water! Can be used daily as needed.

Lotions and Body Butters

These are packed with nutrients to leave skin feeling amazing! Customized fragrance options available!

Bath Bombs (Not including Mini Cakes, Sundaes, or cupcakes)

All our bath bombs are handmade and customizable! They are a mixture of baking soda, Epsom salt, natural oils, and fragrances. These can be made with or without colorant!

To Use: Drop your bath bomb in the tub and relax! The bath bomb will dissolve in the water leaving a fragrant aroma and the perfect amount of moisturizing oil for your skin!

Bath Bomb Mini Cakes, Sundaes, Cupcakes, or Specialty whipped topping Bombs

These specialty bombs, like all our bombs are customizable! They are a mixture of baking soda, Epsom salt, natural oils, citric acid, and fragrances. The whipped top DOES contain a version of a powdered sugar and the topping is NOT RECOMMENDED for baths. Topping can be removed and used as a shower melt or exfoliating shower butter!

Renewal Facial treatment set. Can be used separately or combined for even better results!

Toning Cleanser

Use this liquid toning cleanser as your first step. This will remove excess dirt and impurities from your skin. With a combination of vinegar, rose oil, and other natural ingredients you can gently and effectively cleanse and tone your skin!

To use simply put several drops on a cotton pad and buff skin in circular motions. Repeat as needed.

Renewal Cleanser

This coconut oil based cleanser is like no other! This cleanser is great for all skin types. The coconut oil base works miracles on skin! It is a natural antibacterial and healing agent. Coconut oil deep cleans, fights wrinkles, heals and treats acne, and even combats oily skin! Who knew that one oil could help alleviate another! In addition to those benefits it also helps protect the skin against the suns harmful rays and is safe, effective, and hypoallergenic! This cleanser also has natural exfoliants that will help remove dead skin cells to reveal a healthy fresh glow!

To use just add a quarter size amount to fingertips and rub on face. Rub in circular motions with fingers or with a gentle facial brush. Rinse with water and pat face dry! Skin should still have an “oily” feeling! Let the oil absorb into skin for best results! Trust me it works!

Miracle Cream

This cream has been my miracle since day one! With a combination of shea butters and other natural oils it treats, heals, and reveals the amazing skin you were born with! Shea butter has a concentration of natural vitamins and fatty acids that make it incredibly nourishing! This product is also great for all skin types and all ages!

To use simply dab a small amount (think pencil eraser) on skin. Rub in circular motions. This is great all over the face including around the eyes and mouth! The skin will feel very “slick” or “oily”, but that is good! Leave this on your face and let the oils absorb into your skin while you sleep! You will thank me in the morning!

Charcoal Clay Mask

This mask is one of my favorite products! The charcoal will detox your skin, pull out impurities, and even help treat acne and other skin conditions. The bentonite clay helps pull out toxins, alleviates excess sebum (oils), rejuvenates skin, and leaves you with a fresh glow! This clay helps regenerate skin tissue, can help with scars, and can helps even out skin tone. This product is also great for all skin types!

To use simply rub on face until covered. Let set for about 15 minutes. When the clay is dry it will harden. You can remove with water or with your step 2 Renewal cleanser. If you are using this as part of the treatment use this BEFORE step 2! In other words, Cleanse with the toner, apply mask, rinse, wash with renewal cleanser, and finish with miracle cream!

Body Spray / Pillow Spray

These fragrance blends can be used as both a body spray or pillow spray! Simply spray desired amount on body or pillows for a lasting aroma of your choice!

Bubble Bar

These amazing bars are a blend of natural ingredients such as corn starch, vegetable glycerin, natural oils, and fragrances! These come in different shapes and scents! They are also sized for multiple uses!

To Use: Break small quarter or half dollar sized amount off bar and crumble under running bath water for a relaxing bubble bath! Use more if needed!


Our soaps are very moisturizing and come in a variety of scents! Like all of our products, these are great for all skin types! Our soaps contain glycerin bases, shea and mango butter bases, and some have a goats milk base. We also have loofah exfoliating soaps, oatmeal infused soaps, and a variety of other specialties!

Shower Gel

Our shower gel is great for all skin types and infused with the fragrance of your choice!

To Use: Apply a quarter sized amount to loofah, wash cloth, or to hands and lather away!

Please Note: Whipped Topping on Products

Our whipped topping is not recommended for use in a bath! This product does include a version of a powdered sugar and can be sensitive to some. We suggest removing the topping and using it separately in a shower! This can be used as a shower melt or as an exfoliating body whip. Some people react differently do ingredients, so we say this as a caution.